A variety of dates you can feel good about

at your fingertips


Real Dates, with Real people

The best way to get to show off the real you, and get to know the real them, is in person.  And, when you’re volunteering you also get to see how they interact with people (or animals) around them. Learn More


1:1 Dates in a Group Setting

Take the pressure off!  When you volunteer you’re joining a group of other people that add to the experience, and may make it feel a bit more comfortable than meeting a stranger for coffee.

Instant Icebreakers (2).png

Instant Ice Breakers

Sick of coming up with the first line?  Or playing 20 questions because there’s nothing else to stimulate conversation when you’re first getting to know each other?  Swoovy is, too.  When you choose a volunteer date you instantly have something to talk about and build from.



There’s nothing worse than feeling you took a chance on something and wasted your time.  When you go on a date volunteering, even if you don’t find “the one” (which we all know is rare the first time!), you will still walk away feeling good about your time.