Make every date count!

Your time can have real impact, not just for you but for great organizations like these.

Central Texas Food Bank

Putting Good Food Within Reach

CTFB works with food donors across the country, financial supporters and volunteers to fill unmet needs in Central Texas. This commitment from private, government and charitable partners has allowed them to bring 45 million meals to the community last year and into the hands of families and local nonprofits that turn to them for help. There are three key ways they do this.

  1. They share free food and our knowledge on low-cost, healthy eating with families in need. Learn how they stock their shelves, provide healthy meals and educate.

  2. They assist families who qualify for federal assistance programs. Learn how they connect families to life-enhancing resources.

  3. And finally, they make food affordable for charitable and government partners. The quality food and food resources they provide means that they can spend their limited resources to enhance their programs. Learn how they strengthen community services.


Art From the Streets

Free and open Art Studio

Every piece of art you buy gives the enormous gift of self-esteem and financial support directly to the homeless artist that create it.

  • The Art - The art is unique to each artist’s experience. A wide variety of style, size and method is the hallmark of this AFTS collection.

  • Making a Difference - When homeless artists create and sell art they gain much needed financial support and self esteem through the value of their work.

  • The Artists - Homeless and formerly homeless whose individual stories, history and perspective create the beautiful work within.


Keep Austin Beautiful

Resources and education to engage citizens in building more beautiful communities

Keep Austin Beautiful empowers people to care for the environment by providing community resources, education, and volunteer opportunities.

  • Clean – removing litter from neighborhoods, creeks, and public spaces in collaboration with the community while raising awareness about the impact of litter.

  • Beautify – building vibrant sustainable communities by empowering neighbors to beautify and restore public spaces.

  • Recycle – cultivating waste reduction practices within the citizenry in order to divert waste from landfills and transition to a zero waste culture.

  • Educate – leading presentations, service-learning projects, and awareness campaigns to nurture environmental consciousness.

  • Recognize – honoring the most outstanding environmental efforts of individuals, schools, and organizations.

Austin Parks Foundation

“Parks are our purpose”

Austin Parks Foundation partners with their community to enhance people’s lives by making our public parks, trails and green spaces better through volunteerism, innovative programming, advocacy and financial support.

Activate - They create programs to encourage positive use of public spaces all over Austin

Engage - They promote community leadership and connect people to education and resources

Invest - The finance projects large and small to help develop and improve Austin’s parks

Mobile Loaves & Fishes

Empowering communities into a lifestyle of service with the homeless.


Mobile Loaves & Fishes’ food truck volunteers hit the streets 7 nights a week, 365 days a year to serve the homeless, delivering food, clothing, hygiene products and other life-sustaining items. 

Community First! Village - A PLACE TO CALL HOME

Community First! Village is a 51-acre master planned community that provides affordable, permanent housing and a supportive community for the disabled, chronically homeless in Central Texas.


Community Works provides micro-enterprise opportunities that enable men and women who are coming out of chronic homelessness to use their God-given talents to earn a dignified income.